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Land Investment

Land is a sound and solid investment. They do not make it any more!

Land investment in the UK has proved a very good investment. The best time to buy land is before it has gained planning permission.

There are three basic stages of planning.

Outline planning permission

Outline planning permission gives an indication of permitted developments footprint and the height of the buildings.

Outline planning permission is subject to a condition that full planning details will need to be approved before building can commence. Building plots for sale can be purchased with outline planning permission.

Detailed Planning Permission

Detailed planning permission must be submitted within three years of outline planning permission.

Full Planning Permission

Full planning permission is a combination of outline planning consent and detailed planning consent.

One you have full planning permission the land investment will increase dramatically. This is where the large gains in land investment are to be found. Investing in land should be considered a Medium to long term investments.

For more information on land investments try this link.

Land investments : they do not make it any more..


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