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Land investment articles

A great chance for the general public to buy their own land

China Overseas Land and Investment

Information and articles on investments in land. If you would like to submit an article please email to articles@finditfastdirectory.com

Land investments are becoming very popular in the UK and abroad, and there are now many companies selling land directly to the public.

Land investment used to be the preserve of the bid land developers and corporations, but now many smaller investors are getting into the market. This has been fuilded by companies buying up land and selling in plot sized areas, so alloowing many more people to invest in land.

Land investment and land banking is growing in popularity in the UK. For full details try the link above. 20 years ago development land cost approximately a tenth of what it does today. Building costs have also gone up, but not to the same extent. Given house prices whilst increasing substantially, have not gone up the to nearly the same extent as land.

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