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Investments : Saving and Investments


So you have got your hard earned money to invest. Where do you put it.

There seems to be a massive choice of investments available on the internet, all with different risk factors and returns.

The return you gain on your investment depends on the risk you want to take. For example if you want a no risk investment
then you could try opening a savings account with a building society or bank, all you need to do is look for the highest interest rate.
You also need to look at their terms and conditions to see how fast you can access your money, should you require it back.
If you are looking for a rock solid investment for your money you may wish to look at the National Savings Certificates,

The National savings are deposit based which means you will always receive the money you have invested into the savings scheme. If the investment
has built up the you will get your original investment back plus the interest. They are ideal for people that do not wish to take a risk.

A good site about savings and investments is run by the Uk governmentDirect gov they list all the main stream investments.

If you are looking for a longer term investment you may whish to look at property or land. These have performed extremely well over the last decade and more.

Traditionally people have invested in property, but their is now a growing trend towards investing in land. This has partly been brought about by development companies
buy up land and splitting it into smaller sections that enable smaller investors to by plot sized areas of land. Land investment should normally be viewed just like any other investment
and you should balance the risks against the possible high returns.

Land really goes up in value if it secures planning permission. If you are looking for information on land investments try this link.

Whenever looking at any investment you should seek professional advice and shop around, after all it is your hard earnt money.

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