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Land for sale as an investment

With the price of housing in the UK increasing and the housing shortage their has never been a better time to invest in land.

To coupe with the demand for new house sing their is simply not enough brown field land available.

It will therefore be necessary to use greenfield sites to build on. It has been stated by the government that greenbelt land will

have to be used at some stage to help meet the new building requirements.

In the past investing in land used to be the preserve of the landed gentry and large property developers. However now their are many companies buying land and sectioning it up into smaller plots for resale. This then gives the average man in the street the chance to become a land investor.

If you would like free information pack on land for sale in the UK please try link above and fill in the no obligation enquiry form.

Land is a good investment they do not make it any more!

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