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What is Global warming?

Global warming is when the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere is increasing. There has been much debate about global warming and climate change over the last decade or so, but now most scientific opinion on the subject agree that the average atmospheric temperature rose 1.3 Fahrenheit in the last century.

How does it happen?

Most scientific option agree that the cause of global warming is the increased greenhouse gas concentrations, such as burring fossil fuels, land clearing etc which have contributed to this increase in temprature.

What can be done to stop global warming?
There must be a large cut in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and stop the large scale land clearing. It is acknowledged that if we do make large cuts and replant trees on a large scale over time the atmosphere will recover. But we must act now.

Everyone can make their own contribution which will help to reduce the build up of greenhouse gasses.

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