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Land for sale in the UK

There is a growing trend in the UK for private investors who are buying small plots of land offered by land developers as an investment in the hope that the land will gain planning permission. Land over the years has proved a good investment, with many big corporations having brought land for years and have built up large stock piles of land, sometimes refereed to as Lank banks.

Not everyone is happy with this situation as large areas of the UK land that is undeveloped is held by large corporation who hold onto the land to make large profits and sometimes to block local developments or prevent competitors setting up in their location. At present their seems very little that can be done about this practice.

Development companies in the UK are now offering small private investors the opportunity to get in on this investment and are offers land for sale in small house sized plots. Most development companies also keep bach about 15 to 20% of land so if they do obtain planning permission they make considerable gains.

Land prices have risen sharply over the last few years see article by bbc on land prices.

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