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Freehold land

Freehold land is land over which the Crown has granted an interest. The freehold interest is the least restricted interest in land and is usually known as 'ownership' of land. Unlike leasehold, the land is no longer called Crown land after the freehold interest has been granted. The Crown cannot put conditions on the use of the land like it can with Leasehold.

The advantages of investing in land.

Land is a low risk investment as it is a physical asset, and is unlikely to depreciate.

The supply of land is limited.

There is currently neither VAT nor Stamp Duty to pay on your investment.

There are no rates to pay whilst the land remains undeveloped.

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The truth about land for sale in the UK is that it is that there is far more demand for it than there is supply.

As land becomes scarcer, finding the right land for you will become more and more difficult, and you will increasingly need the help and guidance of a trusted land agent to find land for sale which best suits your particular needs.

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